Last update: December 6 2020   

My Extinction Series is complete, and I'm giving away a limited number of electronic copies of the first novel, Departure, for reviews. Get yours now!

With that project complete I've started on a new novel. For now, the tentative title of this work is Afterworld: The Reaper and the Witch. The story is again post-apocalyptic dystopian (opposite of utopia), and involves the siege of a walled city by violent nomadic tribes.

I'm excited by the two main characters. The Reaper is a paid assassin that specializes in especially bloody murders, and the Witch leads the state police force that punishes citizens for acting in ways that are contrary to the government's will. Both start as dark characters, but will eventually find their way into the light.

The way things are looking now, this novel will be released in late July or August of next year.
Stay tuned for updates.
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