Last update: May 27, 2022   

The Last Ride, A paranormal love story.

Logan's life began the day he died.

He wakes in the hospital and is told he has a short time to live. Leaving the wreckage of his life behind, he strikes out across the USA on his motorcycle, intent on recapturing a time of happiness from his youth.

Along the way, he meets Sarah, a long-lost love that is also on her way home. As their relationship rekindles, disturbing memories of the accident that drove them apart return. Each believed the other died and had lived in sorrow for decades. Were they lied to by their families, or might one or both of them be ghosts seeking a resolution to their tragic demise?

Occasionally a book comes along that captures our heart and imagination, becoming an experience to remember. The Last Ride is such a story. It is a celebration of timeless passion that gives us cause to believe in the power of love again.

Inspiration: The story behind The Last Ride.

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